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Pregnancy: Now with more unrealistic expectations! Maxim has just posted a slide show of the "9 Hottest Pregnant Women Ever." (Sample text on Heidi Klum: "She was making maternity clothes look like Victoria´s Secret outfits...with crotch pads.") In somewhat related news, Christina Aguliera, who is near the top of Maxim's gross list, has posed nude for the January issue of Marie Claire, looking vaguely demented in the face. We thought you weren't supposed to do 'ludes when you're preggo? [Maxim, Market Wire]


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I don't have a big issue with this on the surface at all. Pregnant women (and my husband is GUNG HO about this), are incredibly sexy and people in magazines (especially celebrities) are rarely anything OTHER than objects: I don't think this is anything worse than any other magazine objectification.

ONE thing I took HUGE issue with was this little gem re pregnant Angelina Jolie...

"You could put Angelina through a wood chipper and the bits that come out the other side would probably still be sexy as hell."