The Miley Cyrus & Max Azria clothing line has arrived at Wal-Mart, and the items are, in a word, derivative. Miley tells People: "My inspiration for the line is kind of an edgy UK style." Style you have seen before:

Take this buffalo check shirt, for instance. The pattern was proclaimed as being "everywhere this season" by the LA Times in November 2008. Silll, buffalo check is actually for sale in Topshop right now, and Delia's is carrying it too. Original? No. But no one can beat the (frighteningly) low $12 price tag Miley and Max are offering.

Another item from Miley Cyrus & Max Azria: Liquid leggings. American Apparel pushed these in 2007; When seen on Nicky Hilton in February 2008, we were instantly over them; Miley seems to think they've got life in them yet! Miley gushes: "I'd say anyone from age 8-80 can enjoy this line." Maybe she means "as a source of amusement"?


Leopard comes and goes, from Van Halen to Katy Perry. But we've definitely seen leopard print pants or leggings recently at Urban Outfitters, and at TopShop, Alloy and Delia's.


Of course the kids shopping for Miley's clothes are too young to remember Ginger Spice's Union Jack dress, or Austin Powers' Shaguar, and Lord knows they don't know anything about The Who, but you've got to wonder: Why would Max Azria want to do a Brit flag shirt? Does he just like keeping up with what the kids like? Or does he suspect that — priced at a very affordable $7.00 — this item will fly out of stores?


The ruffled blouses in this collection — in red, white, blue and purple — are actually quite charming, and priced at 12 bucks — well below what J. Crew is asking for a very similar style, though J. Crew's are silk. But the point is: When a world-famous designer who has designed for Hervé Léger, BCBG and his own eponymous labels teams up with a Disney Teen Queen, the results are generic, run-of-the-mill but probably people-pleasing — just like a Hannah Montana song.

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