Abstruse chanteuse Miley Cyrus has cycled through several lifetimes' worth of style pivots during her showbiz career. The Hannah Montana phase. The CAN'T BE TAMED phase. The haircut and engagement phase. The Wrecking Ball phase. And now, the Putting Weird Shit In and On Her Hair phase.

Miley's fascination with making her hair all weird and then Instagramming it seems to have started around the time she got bored of turning her Instagram feed into a terrifying timeline of images that look like things LSD users see right before they claw their own faces off. And it started innocently enough, with this late July shot of the Disney channel fever dream decorating her coiffure with a flower.


Cute! But once Miley had a taste of putting shit in her hair, she can't stop. She won't stop. Etc. It didn't take long after the appearance of her flower that she posted several Instagrams of herself with Terry Richardson. And after that, all the really weird hair stuff started.

Wigs, then toys, then donuts, and then... whatever it was she did on the fourth of July.


It has continued fairly consistently, sometimes several times per day, for weeks.

It got so bad that one Jezebel staffer relayed to me, with grave guilt, that she'd been considering unfollowing over this social media etiquette breach. Terry Richardson, you did this.


Joking about Terry Richardson ruining literally everything aside, Miley's Putting Shit In Her Hair obsession seems rooted in her newfound interest in crafting (and by "crafting," I mean hot gluing pieces of neon toys together into large, frightening sculptures and masks, like a face mask made of small velvet bears. For more on this, check out Miley's Instagram feed and then spend the rest of the day worrying about her). I'm also going to go out on a limb here and guess that there may be another factor at play: drugs.

Really high quality, rich kid-level drugs.

Images via Instagram/Miley Cyrus