Miley Cyrus Called Ed Sheeran an 'Asshole' at the MTV VMAs

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Although Miley Cyrus created some positive buzz last night by having a homeless youth accept an MTV award on her behalf, she also brought some negativity when Ed Sheeran accepted his "Best Male Video" award.


According to reports, it was All T All Shade when Sheeran walked up to the stage: Miley mouthed the word "asshole" as he went by. Apparently he criticized "Wrecking Ball" last year, saying "It's a stripper's move. If I had a daughter of mine, I wouldn't want her twerking. When I first heard 'Wrecking Ball,' I thought it was a brilliant song. But the video distracts too much from it." We're supposed to believe Miley is still upset about this, or something. Gif of Miles and Ed at the link. [Us]

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RIP legendary actor and director Lord Richard Attenborough. [BBC]

Here's Rob Lowe being super cute about his former Parks and Rec costar: "Chris Pratt is the biggest movie star in the world, which I told everybody four years ago was going to be the case. It's been fun to watch him grow and sort of mentor him… He got shredded and ripped and he's off to the races, but I also like the Chris Pratt that ate at the Waffle House. By the way, I had to quit Parks and Rec when he had better abs than I did. That was when I was like, 'Look, I'm the guy with the abs on this show. What's going on?'" [Hollywood Reporter]

  • One of Nicki Minaj's dancers discovered that perhaps the anaconda did not want some but the boa constrictor did. Snakebite. [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez and her ex-boyfriend Beau "Casper" Smart shared some Skittles at the MTV VMAs and that is not a euphemism. [ TMZ]
  • Gird your loins: Sapphire-eyed chiseled human specimen Matt Bomer will guest star on American Horror Story: Freak Show. [ EW]
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  • Zooey Deschanel kissed a producer and liked it. [ E!]
  • Suge Knight was shot over the weekend "right after talking to Chris Brown." Ban Chris Brown. [ Page Six]

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The Queen

Ugh, Ed Sheeran just lost major points with me. I absolutely loathe people that use the "If I had a daughter, she wouldn't do x" argument for things they don't like. It reflects the mindset that girls are still their father's property.

That being said, if he ever makes another statement like that again, I want Beyonce to come down on him with her glitter fist of feminism.