Illustration for article titled Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott Will Soon Unleash a Wacky Collaboration

This weekend, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott hinted that he Miley Cyrus are brewing up a fashion-thing.


"Miley and I have something very exciting that we are brewing for the future," the designer said in an interview with MTV, while entering the VMAs in a bright yellow tailcoat. "I am going to let her announce it." She has yet to announce it, but we can guess.

Given their recent creations — Scott was behind those ubiquitous Spongebob garments you've seen everyone wearing this past season, and Miley Cyrus just finished a long collaboration with several joints in creating artistanal hair/bong accessories — it is safe to say that we can expect something kooky. How kooky? Only time will tell.


My top theories: a line of denim vape koozies; pasties shaped like beloved childhood cartoon characters; a $400 plain white t-shirt with pom poms hot glued onto it.

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i am going to take the word 'future' to the EXTREME and assume it's glam jet packs for the year 2025