Miley Cyrus and Arnold Schwarzenegger Hung Out in Idaho and Bonded

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Miley Cyrus and former California governor and occasional Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger hung out and got close during the holiday season at a restaurant in Idaho. You have been warned.

According to Popsugar, the meeting was all about families and feelings and holidays and reindeer and Santa and random celebrity sightings. Cyrus is currently dating Patrick Schwarzenegger and isn't as hated by his mother and Governator ex-wife Maria Shriver as we'd been led to believe. So for Christmas, Cyrus joined the Schwarzeneggers at a restaurant in Idaho to get to better acquainted. As one does. Via Popsugar:

The trio joined a group of pals at The Kneadery, a popular restaurant in Ketchum, ID. In true Miley fashion, the singer donned glitter stickers, a pink leopard fleece sweatshirt, and a pink faux-fur coat. She was all smiles during their fun meal, laughing and showing the guys pictures on her phone. Still, Miley and the group remained largely unnoticed after waiting for their table.


"Hi Dad, here's my new girlfriend. Yes, she's the one wearing glitter stickers." Popsugar has a picture of Miley with the back of Arnold's head. He seems engrossed in a message or perhaps a game of some sort on his phone. I couldn't tell. Either way, it seems like the exact kind of awkward "family bonding" we all have to endure with our new boyfriend/girlfriend's families. I just hope she fared better on the "how much of that stuffing are you going to eat anyway?" portion of the evening than I did last year.

Maria Shriver's cousin Rory Kennedy also doesn't seem to hate the couple either. "I'm happy for them," she said. There is an old saying in my family—if your boyfriend's mom's ex-husband and her cousin are on your side, your relationship is basically solid. You can take it to the bank.

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Oh dear. I read "bonded" as "boned," and got VERY confused and grossed out.