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Great news out of Saudi Arabia: The government is going to lift its ban on female drivers. The law dates back to 1932 and has faced increasing opposition. In addition, women may now stay in a hotel by themselves, without a male guardian. Progress! [Telegraph, Reuters]

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ugh. i'm very happy that they took these steps, but i will never, EVER forget an article i read from a saudi arabian newspaper. a man who immigrated to SA with his wife, who gave birth shortly thereafter in a C-section. there were complications, and the doctors had to perform a hysterectomy. the man then sued the hospital, and in the article was about his lawsuit. the last line of the article was what i will never forget "mr. X has not decided how to tell his wife she can no longer have children."

THEY REMOVED HER UTERUS AND DIDN'T HAVE TO EVEN TELL HER. holy living FUCK. three years later, i'm still angry about this.