Milan Subtly Reminds Fashion Week Attendees To Occasionally Eat Food

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  • Milan is celebrating Fashion Week by plastering this Oliviero Toscani-shot poster everywhere. Pretty! [The Independent]
  • Oh god, Miuccia, are you fucking kidding me? [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Marc Jacobs is the new Star Simpson. []
  • One of Mary Kate and Ashley's five clothing lines is ready for purchase on the Bergdorf website and this dress was the only thing that didn't seem like, you know, something you could get marked down from the Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's collection.
  • It's a lot of pressure being the president of Coach because you have to constantly think up new colors in which to plaster your knockoff Chanel logo on everything you manufacture but, on the upside, if you ever find yourself in a bind and needing thirty million dollars or so you can just sell off some of your shares and it's no big deal. [Barron's]
  • Following a multi-million dollar campaign to remind everyone that "Macy's" is a department store, Macy's is going really hardcore to remind everyone that "Calvin Klein" is a brand sold at Macy's, and I am betting this totally gets everyone to start shopping at department stores again. [Barron's]



I LOVE Italy. They just put shit like that right out there! As for everything else, I'd rather buy a Vera Wang for Kohl's dress than fake fur Prada 'tricks', Marc Jacobs patent leather pistols, anything Elizacrap & James, anything Coach, and I can't stand department stores, almost as much as I can't stand Calvin Klein.