Mike and Juliet Tell Women They're Beautiful At Any Size (Except For Jessica Simpson)

Following a brief discussion over whether or not Jessica Simpson is heavy, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet dealt with the difficult issue of body image and self confidence.

In a segment called the "male room," Mike and Juliet had a panel of men rate the bodies of three women from the audience. The premise is gross, and the results are mind-numbingly stupid. They had the female volunteers stand up so that they could describe their bodies: first there was the "very, very petite" woman - to which one of the men says "yes please!" - next was the middle woman, who Juliet doesn't know how to describe, so she just says the "beautiful girl." Then was the "model on the left," who is gorgeous, but as Juliet and the panel of dudes pointed out, "confidence is the sexiest thing." They then blathered on about the importance of confidence, and how sexiness comes from within. Thanks Mike and Juliet, for reducing women to their bodies, reinforcing gender stereotypes, and then finally reminding us that all we need is confidence to be sexy (a lesson that we could have learned from like every issue of Cosmo ever, but oh well).


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