If there is a two-word phrase that we think of as the textual equivalent of getting our cervix biopsied a half dozen times, "Jenna Jameson" was a good candidate even before we learned about that other two-word phrase, "botched vaginoplasty", which is why you should consider it a fucking community service that we plodded through four whole pages of US Magazine exclusive interview with her. Seriously, we need to lie down now. So yeah, Jenna:

  • weighs 100 pounds right now because she had melanoma in 2004. This doesn't make sense — I mean, the skin cancer make sense, obvs, but the timing is a little suspect — but it's totally tragic, right?
  • weighed 76 pounds when she was on meth.
  • cries while talking about her divorce from Jay "Justin Sterling" Grdina, whom she dubbed a "rapist" on MySpace ("with MySpace, I forget that I have 1.2 million friends..") (You know, because MySpace never lets you see how many friends anyone has.)
  • refutes her rumored vaginoplasty while defending her future hypothetical decision to get one ("to tell you the truth, I think vaginoplasties are awesome!")
  • loves Jesus even though He killed her fetus. ("It was all in God's plan.")

    Which brings us to this Midweek's poll question!

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    Jenna Jameson: My Secret Cancer Struggle[US]