Celebrity romances that don't concern dudes we'd like to screw generally don't concern us, but they might be of interest to you, especially if you like really bad musicians. Here's what we learned from reading the tabs this week:

  • Nicole + Joel "The topic of marriage and kids has definitely come up," says a source . Yeah, that'd turn out great.L&S, 42
  • Halle Berry + KFed lookalike Gabriel Aubry "God knows we're trying!" to generate zygotes together. L&S, 43
  • Jessica + John Shacking Up, have been dating "nearly a year"
  • Justin+ Jessica "She also stopped calling and texting JT"...and now he's obsessed! L&S, 40
  • Ryan + Scarlett "She's trying hard not to get too attached just yet." L&S, 35
  • Renee Zellweger + John Krasinski of The Office "Renee tends to develop crushes on her costars"..."John is a totally handsome tall drink of water..he's a total flirt!" Star, 47
  • L.C. + Jason L.C. thinks Jason "deserves" jail, Heidi has "no comment" as to existence of sex tape. US, 40
  • Pam + Tommy "Tommy was lying on top of Pam, and they were kissing passionately.." Star, 20