MIDWEEK MADNESS: Janice Min Reveals The Secret To Celeb News Domination — Don't Really Give A Shit About Celebs

Welcome to Midweek Madness. In which we "read" the Wednesday celebrity tabs. So you don't "have" to.

Every time we see Janice Min, we think "Lordy, she is just like us!" Except, you know, a millionaire. And also, she probably showered today. But anyway, the point is, we've seen her a few times (once even in person!) at this point, and the thing about Janice is that she doesn't ever seem to think celebrities are particularly imporant! And sometimes she slacks off, like this week, when her "editor's letter" was either 69 or 70 words long, depending on whether Jamie-Lynn Sigler counts as two or three words. (That's right! She hearts the Sopranos! Just like...well, everyone else we know!)

In the above interview with MTV cutie Su-Chin Pak (which refrains from any negative coverage of vodka sponsor Absolut) the two gals come off like any two sweetly Type-A Asian women chatting over lunch, possibly about a marketing conference they'll be attending next month or some HBS case study they'll be solving next period or maybe like some drug they are developing for some biotech firm, like something you wouldn't even stop to eavesdrop on if you passed their table because it is that boring and unsexy, and.... Well, no. They're actually talking about the business of covering celebrities. Which is, it turns out, um, kind of boring.

Before Janice Min Goes On Holiday, She Defends Bonnie Fuller [Jossip]

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