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In an interview today, Barbara Walters asked Michelle Obama who she'd choose to come back as when she dies. Mrs. Obama said Bo, the famous first dog, because, "He's got a great life." Leaving aside the obvious complication that Bo will probably die before she does, that's a pretty solid answer—and probably the only one that her husband's political rivals can't twist into something sinister-sounding. Although if they try really hard, Fox News can find a way to spin Bo into a tool of communism. ("Can you believe he thinks all dogs deserve bones?!")


When Walters asked the President the same question, he wisely declined to answer, probably hoping to avoid years' worth of right-wing discussion about whether or not he's actually a Buddhist because he believes in reincarnation. Obama also took the easy way out when it came to revealing his pet peeves with Michelle, saying he didn't have any. On her pet peeves with Barack, Michelle was as honest as always: "My list is too long." Oh SNAP, of course she probably said it in the perfectly funny yet still loving way because she, as her husband admits, can do no wrong. Come on, we're about to be in a campaign year, can't somebody unearth some footage of this woman leaving a cupboard door open or forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning, just so we could stop loving her so effing much?

Who Would First Lady Michelle Obama Like To Be In Next Life? Bo, Her Pet Dog [Washington Post]

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