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Michelle Obama Reveals the President Is Kind of Freaking Out About Malia Dating

Illustration for article titled Michelle Obama Reveals the President Is Kind of Freaking Out About Malia Dating

Michelle Obama is out promoting her Let's Move campaign, and it seems that with every media appearance she reveals yet another charming detail about the First Family. Today Rachael Ray asked her about whether Malia is dating yet. To her great credit, Michelle kept her lips sealed:

You know Rachael, one thing I've learned is that a 13-year-old wants nothing more than to not have her mother talk about her personal life on national TV. It's like, "You said what?"


Smart. Very smart. But fortunately, when Ray asked her who would be harder on any potential dates Malia did bring home, Michelle was all too happy to reveal, with a bit of a laugh, that Barack is kind of already losing it:

Barack pretends like he's going to handle this so well when it happens ... but it's going to be fun to watch. It's already fun to see him squirming when she puts on a dress and she's got her hair down, and he's trying to pretend like it's cool, but he's freaking out a little bit.


He's quaking in his dorky dad sneakers!

Michelle Obama On If Malia Is Dating And Her Husband's Discomfort On 'Rachael Ray' [HuffPo]

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If cheesy movies have taught me anything (and I like to believe they have), I know exactly how this is going to go down. Sasha and Malia will feel stifled by the overwhelming presence of bodyguards. Obama will hire some dashing young men to secretly keep an eye on the girls. Relationships will form! Trust will be broken! Hilarity will ensue!