The Chicago Sun-Times put some hard-hitting questions to Michelle Obama yesterday, but like the media-trained millionaire Harvard Law school grad she is, she answered them each with grace and candor. How does she balance work and family? How did she "manage to snag Barack?" (No really! Not a paraphrase!!) And most importantly, what was up with skipping the makeup chair on 60 Minutes, girlfriend?

I love girly makeup and stuff, but my view is that's a lot of work..I want people to get used to my face more naturally so that I don't have to do that every day. Who's got time to put eyelashes on and all that?"

Ok, so: you know how I know society is completely fucked up ? Because my first thought was: That's fucking courageous.

My second thought: But how does she keep the "passion alive" in her marriage if she's not perpetually running to the bathroom to cover up flaws?
3. No, seriously I reapply lipstick every 20 minutes when in the proximity of dudes. It's sort of to make up for the fact that I don't shave, wax, pluck, cut my nails or generally shower, but still.
4. She's basically telling the country "If all of you would just stop applying so many stupid products to your faces every day maybe we wouldn't have problems like Faith Hill.
5. Sounds like a campaign platform to us.


6.* Maybe it's easier because her skin tone isn't patchy and red and her pores are less visible? Saying..

Speaking of, there's some more pearls of wisdom in this story, like how "snagging" the right man is a lot easier if you have a personality composed of interests other than "snagging men," but makeup tips were enough for this post. This is a site for girls, remember..


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