The rumors are flying that Michelle Obama will grace the cover of the March 2009 issue of Vogue. What sort of ensemble will editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (and, presumably, Barack Obama supporter and editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley) choose for the First Lady? Good question. They'll certainly have to choose an American designer. It probably won't be Narciso Rodriguez; even though she wore a dress by Rodriguez on election night, people didn't love it, and the other items from his collection don't seem First Lady- or cover-worthy. Still, there are other American designers whose Spring 2009 collections could work. Some suggestions, after the jump.

First: There's nothing here by popular American designer Marc Jacobs, because his Spring 2009 collection was just too weird for Ms. Obama.
But what about the always classy Oscar De La Renta?

This pale, lean column would be a breath of fresh air!

What about a bouquet of flowers? Optimistic and gorgeous, especially for March. There's another floral dress de la Renta designed for Spring that could work, as well.


Perhaps some understated glamour? Ms. Obama has fantastic shoulders, and would look regal in this.

Maybe Carolina Herrera would be a better choice:


A beautiful, ruffled gown in Democratic blue! (It also comes in red, which Ms. Obama looks great in.)

Or, imagine Ms. Obama's skin against this sunny, bright yellow.


This straight-and-narrow ivory column is graceful and timeless.

Consider this: Michelle Obama wore a dress by Thakoon at the Democratic convention, and he has a few designs for Spring that might suit her: pink and floral, slouchy, modern metallic or fluttery ruffles. But perhaps she should try young designer Peter Som:

Even though it's casual, Michelle Obama could rock the hell out of this blue shirtdress.


Ditto this shimmery blue jacket and skirt. Plus, don't you think she'd really, really like this graphic dress? Totally up her alley.

Michelle Obama looks amazing in color. Maybe the editors of Vogue could choose something designed by fashion's comeback kid, Isaac Mizrahi?


This pink frock is feminine and strong at the same time.

Orange would definitely pop on the cover of a magazine. She'd also look great in this incredibly romantic pink gown by Mizrahi.

But, in this writer's opinion, the editors of Vogue should put Michelle Obama in a dress designed by Tracy Reese. As the only black woman to show in the Bryant Park Tent during Fashion Week in New York, Reese is an inspiration, just like Ms. Obama. And Tracy Reese makes exquisite garments:


A dreamy, shoulder-baring dress could be a soft, pretty cover choice.


Something truly unique, like this painted frock, would be interesting.

What about a whisper-soft, romantic gown that would make Michelle look like the Goddess of Spring?


When blue and red states come together, you get a strong, fierce purple. Michelle Obama could make a statement without saying a word!

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