First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by The Jay Leno Show (well, she stopped by via satellite, anyway) to participate in Leno's "Ten@Ten" segment, where she faced 10 questions about her life in the White House. Her answers were pretty great.

In the first segment, the First Lady refuses to reveal what her daughters' Halloween costumes are, as she doesn't want to ruin their fun. She then admits that the girls are somewhat spoiled by Grandma, and goes on to expertly name the Brady Bunch children, including annoying Cousin Oliver:

In the second segment, Mrs. Obama admits to having "a pretty eclectic iPod," filled with Sting, Stevie Wonder, Sara Bareilles, and Mary J. Blige, amongst others, and says that the family celebrated Bo's 1st birthday with a doghouse cake in the Rose Garden, which, of course, means that Bo Obama is Team Cake.


[The Jay Leno Show]