Michelle Obama: Fashion's Newest, Hottest Muse

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  • Designers like Donna Karan, Elie Tahari and Thakoon are fighting to get to Michelle Obama. [WWD]
  • Even though her Narciso Rodriguez dress drew mixed reviews. [NY Times]
  • According to polls, 65% considered it a "Don't." [USA Today]
  • Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough on the election. “A shout-out to the gays? I mean, never, ever, ever in an election or an acceptance speech has a President-elect said something like that. To hear that, for me personally, is so fantastic. Barack Obama is exceptional. Exceptional!” [Style.com]
  • Exceptional enough to inspire a "Yes. We. Did." thong. [Babble]
  • Speaking of Michelle, her favored label Thakoon's about to hit Target! Take a gander. [Nylon]
  • Doesn't it seem weird that Ed Westwick should choose K Swiss as his first campaign? Or are we thinking of his character? [E!]
  • Ooh, those snarky British writers do not like Peaches! "Fresh from a disastrous foray into column-writing, Peaches Geldof has decided to tuck her be-fringed head back into her shell and stick to what she knows best. Apparently, that is designing clothes. Her capsule collection for cult fashion collective PPQ is due to hit the shelves in Selfridges today." [Guardian]
  • Apparently Vogue editor-at-XXL Andre Leon Talley was in the VIP section at Grant Park; rumor has it his mag has his eye on a Michelle cover. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Alexander Wang on the recession: "There’s a certain amount of fantasy to fashion, but you also have to think about the fit, the sell-through, the accessibility. There’s no point in creating clothes so out-there, so special that no one can wear them. I try to stay in touch with the customer. We’ve been lucky—our sales are growing. I think we were also pretty lucky to get out a T-shirt line. It’s nice to have a $65 product. But it’s also nice to have a $1,200 dress, say, for that person at Colette. The key now is that dress has to be worth what it costs." [Style.com]
  • Online retailers expect a lot of holiday shopping...maybe because it doesn't feel like real spending? [WSJ]
  • The recession takes a heavy toll on India's textile industry. [BW]
  • Meanwhile, Britain prepares for a steep rise in clothing prices. [Guardian]
  • Good news, at least, for Adidas! [WSJ]
  • Lilly Pulitzer never ages...maybe because it's permanently middle-aged? [NY Times]
  • Elite moddle management gets some escort service to stop using their name. We're sure Tyra's relieved. [NY Daily News]
  • H&M TV? It'd better be an improvement on their soundtrack! [Fabsugar]
  • Patagonia's ambitious plan to sell only recycled materials by 2010 proves harder than they anticipated. [Business Week]
  • Meanwhile, a Japanese company attempts banana fiber denim. [WWD]< li>"Syunsoku" sneakers make people faster...or not. Either way, they're big in Japan! [Reuters]
  • Speaking of shoes, Zappo's stellar customer service keeps the company healthy. [NY Times]
  • "Lagerfeld goes through at least 365 bottles of Shu Uemura’s Pleasure of Japanese Bath oil per year. 'Normally, you’re supposed to put one cup in the bathtub,' he says, sitting in the leafy garden of Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris. “' put the whole bottle in every morning. It is the most divine product.' His beauty ritual doesn’t stop there: Lagerfeld spritzes a scent on various items of his clothing, not to mention his bedding. 'What I put on my sheets is always different from what I wear on myself. It’s like if I sleep with a person who uses another perfume.'” [W]
  • Juicy Couture store opens in Manhattan, which for some reason means "the Harlem Boys' choir, American Ballet Theatre dancers, Juilliard school violinists, and stilt-walkers will entertain the likes of Gina Gershon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gretchen Mol, Molly Sims and Sarah Silverman, plus Saturday Night Live stars Seth Myers and Fred (Obama) Armisen." [New York Post]
  • This fashion origami kit is totally the kind of thing we'd never actually assemble, but it's very cute. [Fashionista]
  • Colin Firth on his director, Tom Ford: "If he turns his hand to this with the brilliance that he's turned his hand to everything else that he's ever done in his life, it'll be a masterpiece." [VogueUK]
  • Ooh! Legendary fashion lecturer Rosamond Bernier is selling off some of her vintage couture! Well, it's fun to look. [Sassybella]


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My mother (yes, a white Republican) said "The dress... Why? And why did they all dress in black and RED?"

I think she was somehow alluding to Marxism and Communism there, but I'm really not sure. I mumbled something along the lines of "yeah, not a great dress."