Michelle Obama Courts The "Team Aniston" Vote In Vanity Fair

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Ooooooh, a new Michelle Obama story!! It's Vanity Fair's Leslie Bennetts, she of that unforgettable (to those of us with ovaries anyway!) post-Brad Jennifer Aniston piece where she bursts into tears as soon as she answers the door (I know, awww). Remember that piece? It's not that you learned anything new about Jen, per se, just that you thought she was really really real. You felt for her. You empathized. She didn't hold back. She wasn't all steely resolve. She talked about wanting kids. Anyway! So yeah, we don't learn anything new about Michelle from Leslie. She and Barack haven't always had the easiest marriage. But they're happy now. She wasn't thrilled about running for president. But she's gotten used to it. Different upbringings lead to differing expectations about family life blah blah blah. What's new here?

Illustration for article titled Michelle Obama Courts The "Team Aniston" Vote In Vanity Fair

Hey, check the Yaz ad! Controls appetite — you don't say??? And Mia Farrow looks good. Oh, okay, back to the important part:

"I trust Michelle to tell you how it is, good or bad," says one longtime Democratic activist at an Obama event in New Hampshire. "But I don't trust Hillary to tell me the truth, and I don't want to deal with all the history of Bill's infidelity. Why didn't she kick his ass out? I know many women who would be voting for her if she had kicked him out." She scowls, and then confides that her own unfaithful husband left her with two children and another on the way. "I don't need Hillary's baggage," she says. "I've got enough of my own."


Um, was that maybe an appeal to my estrogen?

First Lady In Waiting [Vanity Fair]

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@braak: @lfw1031: I agree that Hillary's drive is not attractive, and not attractive because she is a woman. All politicians must have big egos. Look at Edwards, whose theme of the Two Americas I really really like. He was a big time trial lawyer: you have to be VERY competitive and have a big ego to be good at trying cases.

I would love a wholesale change of how government is run. None of the democrats are capable of making that change. No electable candidate is capable. Campaign themes about change are just that. Remember how stupid Clinton looked when his group took over the white house? I want someone who understands how the game is played and plays it to win policies that help people. I would also like to be able to read the international news with out saying "whattheholyfuckisgoingon!"