Michelle Obama Co-Hosts The View, Discusses Racism, Sexism, and Toned Arms

Michelle Obama co-hosted The View today, and the ladies were way excited about it (just check out Sherri Shepherd's grin in that still). Whoopi was so psyched that she wet herself—when she knocked over her mug of water. No fights broke out between Elisabeth and Michelle, and it was all very ladylike and cordial. Joy and Babs did ask Michelle some questions about Hillary, though, like whether she believes Hills had to deal with sexism during her campaign and if she will be appointed as Barack's running mate. Michelle answered like a politician. Clip above.


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@The Merovingian Princess: you're really trying to start something, aren't you? you made almost the same comment on a previous thread.

related: how does one nominate for a worstie? anyone?