Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Duke It Out Over Who Has the Better Cookie Recipe

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Their husbands may be going to head-to-head in a battle for control of the free world, but Ann Romney and Michelle Obama are right now locked in a heated fight of their own…the battle for cookie recipe supremacy. Oh Christ, are you serious? Yes, yes, it's that special time when the First Lady and her rival are forced to let their inner domestic goddesses shine as they submit their favorite cookie recipe to Family Circle. The readers will pick their favorite and either A-Roms or MObama will be named Cookie Maker-in-Chief. These are exciting times, America.

So which one will you choose? Michelle Obama has offered up Mama Kaye's White and Dark Chocolate Chip, which was created by Malia and Sasha's godmother. Some may scream that it smacks of elitism. (White chocolate and dark chocolate are for snobs! What happened to good old-fashioned American milk chocolate?) Others may think it sounds delicious; after all it's a goddamn chocolate chip cookie.

Ann Romney, meanwhile, has opted to enter her own recipe for M&M cookies. This could either be seen as a plug for Corporate America's evil influence in our lives. (M&Ms are made by a very big company!) Or this choice could be seen as an appeal to the regular people of America, who love M&Ms and cookies—so what could be better than combining them? Ann swears that her grandkids "can't resist" her famous cookies, but will American voters, er, Family Circle readers feel the same way? God, all this suspense is making me hungry.


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President Obama and Mr. Romney should bake their own damn cookies.