Michelle O. Doll Does Not Come With Sleeves

Jailbreak Toys is releasing a Michelle Obama doll. Though the White House objected to Malia and Sasha dolls from Ty earlier this year, there has been no comment on the Michelle doll. Jason Feinberg, the toy company's founder, says:

"The entire political scene was a little rosier at the time [we started working on the doll, about six months ago]. But what was really apparent was the country, and really the world at large, were very enamored of this lady."


The Michelle Obama doll joins the Barack Obama doll made available last year, though she is sold separately. Bare-armed and available in three different outfits, the description of the M.O. doll reads:

Just like in real life, the Michelle Obama Action Figure isn't simply a female counterpart to Barack. She's her own lady with her own style and energy and, of course, her own fashion sense.

The copy adds:

*This product is not formally endorsed by or affiliated with Michelle Obama. (But we really hope she likes it.)


While we can't be sure if Michelle Obama approves of the doll, she can rest assured she's in good company: The other dolls produced by the company include Ludwig van Beethoven, Mahatma Gandhi, Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf and Marie Curie. We expect that she'll sell better than the tragic numbers the Michelle Bachmann action figure is ringing up. And surely Ms. O can borrow a bicep-covering cardigan from Barbie if she gets chilly?

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