Michelle Bachmann Is Back Like the Freddy Krueger of Your Political Nightmares

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Just when you think you can ease back into your seat and exhale as the end credits roll on the horror movie that was the Republican primary, Michelle Bachmann's fingernails slashes across the screen, making you spill popcorn everywhere. That's right — Bachmann, who had bowed out of the GOP race long ago, is back...on Meet the Press, talking about how very "insulting" Hilary Rosen's apparent jab at Ann Romney's life choices was.

According to Politico, Bachmann sparred with Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand over Rosen's by now threadbare words. Bachmann said of Rosen's remarks, "I thought it was shocking and insulting. I think women are going to be very upset." Though Gillibrand conceded that what Rosen said was "wrong" and "inappropriate," she tried to make up some ground by contextualizing Rosen's comments, which seems like an unfortunate expenditure of mental effort on a woman in Michelle Bachmann who routinely flouts logic and temperance at every rhetorical turn.


Bachmann and Gillibrand then argued for a bit about the usual stuff — the Republican party's low support among voting women and contraception. Asked if she was going to maybe wear a pair of Mittens this summer, Michelle Bachmann said that she was "very seriously" thinking about endorsing Romney as the Republican nominee because it's a wonderful thing because. Really, though — if you're compelled to ponder the mystifying GOP presidential candidates we've been introduced to over the last six months, thinking of them as characters from the Hundred Acre Wood makes them seem way more harmless. I'll leave you to mull that little acid trip over for a while, but I think we can all agree that John Huntsman is Eeyore.

Bachmann: Rosen's comments ‘insulting' [Politico]

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