Michelle And Jackie O: Twins Separated At Birth?

Long before Ted Kennedy endorsed him for president, I've been telling anyone who'll listen that I think that Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are the contemporary version of Camelot: Barack with his ability to connect with younger generations and inspire hope; Michelle with her formidable intelligence and graceful, sophisticated style. And though I suspect that the people in my life weren't always listening, everyone from the bloggers at Politico to the editors at Ebony agree with me, at least sartorially: Michelle is Jackie 2.0. After the jump, images of the late Jacqueline Kennedy and her doppelganger in design.


Both Jackie and Michelle enjoy pairing a red suit with broad lapels with a very attractive husband.


Both Jackie and Michelle enjoy holding small children while clad in tailored yellow suits.

Both Jackie and Michelle enjoy connecting with their adoring public while bedecked in solid colored shift dresses. (Sleeves optional!)


Michelle O: Suited To Be Jackie's Successor [Politico]

[All photos via Getty Images]

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For Obama and Michelle to be like Jack and Jackie, people need to STOP comparing them to Jack and Jackie. The reason O&M remind people of the Kennedys is because the Kennedys broke the mold, the image of what a president and first lady were. If you keep trying to stick him IN said mold you're completely missing the friggen point of the comparison in the first place.