Michele Bachmann's Home District Might Disappear

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A proposed redistricting plan in Minnesota may force Michele Bachmann to run against a more seasoned incumbent should she choose to seek reelection for her House seat. Everyone is angry about this, including the Democrat against whom Bachmann would run. Nothing more dramatic than a good redistricting fight.


The redistricting plan was submitted to a Minnesota court by the state's DFL Party (that's Minnesotan for "Democratic Party") last week. If enacted, Bachmann's district would be merged into veteran Democratic Congresswoman Betty McCollum's district, forcing two incumbents to run against each other.

McCollum is pretty peeved about the move, calling it hyper partisan and unfair. Bachmann probably thinks the Chinese are behind it. Minnesota Democrats in Washington are mad. And the band played on.


The Republican Presidential candidate from Minnesota has been lagging behind in the polls for some time, and barring some miraculous revelation that all of her fellow candidates are actually members of the Saudi royal family, it doesn't look like she's going to win the nomination. Bachmann hasn't yet announced whether or not she'd run for reelection in the House of Representatives or follow the Palin Route by just touring the country, riling up livestock and getting glitterbombed.

DFLers decry redistricting plan [Star Tribune]

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I hope that Betty McCollum (my Congressional rep) wipes the floor with Bachmann. I think the national stage has caused a lot of my fellow Minnesotans to view Bachmann even more unfavorably. Not to mention the fact that Bachmann's current district is the poster-child for gerrymandering.