Michele Bachmann Thinks Personhood Amendment Shouldn't Apply to IVF, but Should Apply to Rape Victims

Michele Bachmann might actually be the worst human being in the world.

Bachmann is locked in a tight race for reelection, judging by both her poll numbers and the increasingly desperate emails her campaign keeps sending me (BILL CLINTON ATTACKS! was yesterday’s). So, in her bid to be moderate, she’s decided that sure, life begins at conception, but women who are getting IVF treatments can go ahead and keep getting IVF treatments the regular way, but rape victims get no such exception. If you’re raped and you get pregnant, sorry, but that violent insemination is precious, and you must give birth to it. Thank goodness Minnesota has Michele Bachmann to bravely stand as a defender of all penis-induced pregnancies.

Twin Cities area rapper and writer Dessa had some harsh but graceful words for Bachmann, not that the Congresswoman will pay her any attention.

But then, some painfully brilliant real talk:


Don’t you hate it when the truth feels like a punch in the stomach?

-Erin Ryan


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