Michele Bachmann Still Around, Endorses Mitt Romney

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Minnesota Congresswoman/America's Pretty Hate Machine Michele Bachmann is finally biting the bullet and endorsing her former rival Mitt Romney for President. Romney fans hope that this will bring Bachmann's merry band of people who hate taxes and gays to his side. But can an endorsement erase months of Romney-bashing from the minds of Bachmann's fans?

After winning the Iowa Straw Poll, Bachmann spent much of her campaign contrasting herself with Romney, who invented Romneycare, which is the father of Obamacare, which means that Obamacare is a natural-born US citizen and not a Kenyan. She also signed the Personhood pledge (which Romney hasn't signed, but says he supports) and criticized Romney's lack of real conservatism. Convincing her devotees to join Team Robo Romney will take some effort, but these are the same people who believe the earth is 6,000 years old and that Muslims are trying to force America to adapt Sharia law and that the homosexual agenda has blocked off schooldays as times to instruct kids on how to be gay. So, they're demonstrably amenable to nuttiness.

Bachmann's expected to announce the endorsement later today.


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Crazy lady, but great suit. That is far and away the most flattering picture I've ever seen of her.