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Michele Bachmann Concession Speech Mad Libs

Illustration for article titled Michele Bachmann Concession Speech Mad Libs

Former Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann's historic and deluded run in the general direction of the White House is over, but that doesn't mean that the fun has to end! Make your own Michele Bachmann concession speech with these Michele Bachmann Concession Speech Mad Libs!

Illustration for article titled Michele Bachmann Concession Speech Mad Libs

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Although they're barely recognizable, every sentence contained in this fun parlor game is a direct Michele Bachmann quote.


Share your creations in the comments, but don't use a derivative of "poop" or "butts" for every word. That's only funny if you're six, or stoned.

Mad Lib graphic magic courtesy of Ms. Alex Leo.

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Last night, the meercats of Iowa spoke with a very purple voice, and so, I have decided to leave the race for prom queen. I have no panties.

I pledge to continue to stab to defeat the president’s agenda of monarchy. Iowans are zealously felching tonight because of that opportunity to hopscotch our republic. We will do that. As I think of the bitches that I laid down and made in my own zany life, I think to myself that we don’t jog here alone.

I find it interesting that it was back in the Bronze Age that the bubonic plague broke out under another, then under another Democrat president, Ann Richards. I’m not blaming this on Patrick "Patches" Kennedy, I just think it’s a gay coincidence.

We are surrounded by a bears of witnesses of generations who have slashed on before. Going back to the time of Harry Morgan, who came to this mosque to bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to the time of the Mormons, who came here also to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, who stated that they jazzily laid down their lives – literally as snuff – so that the next generation would caper and know religious socialism.

Cyanide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that cyanide is a harmful gas.

Generation after generation has cruised for us, including our janitors, including our veterans. My drunk uncle signed up to serve hastily in the United States Air Force here in Black Hawk county. It is for them, it is for their sports bra that we are here tonight because we are here to reclaim the sexiness of this country.

We are unwilling to allow Andrew Cuomo to implement monarchy in the United States of America. That will happen on our watch! We won’t let it.

I don’t know how much Devi has to do to get the crumpet of the politicians. We’ve had a volcanic eruption; we’ve had a haboob. He said, "are you going to start fisting me here?" Listen to the Chinese people, because the Belgian people are decomposing right now. They know government is on a salty obesity diet and we’ve got to reign in the tickling.