Michele Bachmann Accuses Journalists Of Dirty Trick: Reading Her Own Quotes Back To Her

During an TV interview this morning, Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann bristled when asked to provide insight into what, exactly, she meant when she said in a speech that gays were "sad" sufferers of "sexual dysfunction" and "a part of Satan," calling the question irrelevant gotcha journalism and refusing to add or subtract from her whackadoodle proclamation.

The interview was conducted by CNN's Soledad O'Brien, and the speech she brought up was Bachmann's 2004 address to an educator's conference. O'Brien asked Bachmann to clarify what she meant by saying that homosexuals are suffering from a terribly sad devildisease. In response, Bachmann called O'Brien's question "bizarre," and then did that weird thing that she's kept doing all campaign, which is when people point out that she thinks everyone who is not Michele Bachmann is going directly to socialist hell in a flaming Kenyacar driven by Barack Obama and Josef Stalin, she just starts talking about how we should trust her with the economy. Why? Because she was a tax attorney and raised 1298342 kids and lived in a sardine can and scrimped and saved and is a real person, and we should just ignore all those other things and elect her completely based on that and ignore every other viewpoint she's ever expressed, because none of that is important now that the economy is exploding everywhere.

Just when I'm sort of tempted to feel sorry for her, she goes and reminds me that behind that Hollygolightly can-do-itness, she's actually a horrible person. Thanks, Michele!


Bachmann refuses to explain past anti-gay comments [Thinkprogress]

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If there's anything that makes me angrier than a hoppin' toad it's when people read shit I said back to me.

Like that one time I said The Blacks, Jews and Gays worked together to formulate Botox to kill us straight, hot white folks. People are so fucking touchy. Thank the Lord I'm not running for office is all I can say, else I'da never lived that down.