Michael's Mother Files For Custody Of Kids; Diane Keaton Treated For Head Injury

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  • Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother, has filed a petition in court seeking legal guardianship of Jackson's three children, but the Jackson family thinks Debbie Rowe may try to get custody of her two children.

A family source says, "Debbie sent her condolences, and said she was not going to do anything about the kids ... yet. Joe and Katherine think she's going to come after them." [People]

  • Katherine Jackson's petition says the kids have, "a long established relationship" with her, but "no relationship with their biological mother." Debbie Rowe is named as the mother of the two oldest children, but in the box next to Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II's name under "mother" it says "none." A hearing about the petition is set for August 3. [TMZ]
  • In this clip from Today, Jackson family lawyer Londell McMillan says Michael Jackson's children will most likely remain with their grandmother, who currently has custody. [TMZ]
  • Katherine and Joe Jackson have filed a petition to probate their son Michael Jackson's estate. They say Michael died without a will and are seeking to take possession of his assets for "for the exclusive use of [his] three children." [People]
  • Michael Jackson's longtime lawyer John Branca has a copy of his most current will and intends to file it with the court. The Jackson family hasn't seen a copy. [TMZ]
  • Sources say it's looking more and more like Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose. [TMZ]
  • A lawyer for Dr. Conrad Murray appeared on Good Morning America this morning and explained that even though CPR is usually performed on a hard surface, it was OK that Murray gave Michael Jackson CPR where he found him because it was a "firm bed." [TMZ]
  • As mentioned earlier, reports about findings from Michael Jackson's autopsy were totally fake. The L.A. County coroner released this statement: "The report that is being published did not come from this office. I don't know where the information came from, or who that information came from. It is not accurate. Some of it is totally false." [TMZ]
  • OK! paid $500,000 to put the picture of Michael Jackson dying on a stretcher on the cover. The other tabloids supposedly have tribute-style covers coming out on Wednesday. OK! has been losing money and ran the gruesome cover in an attempt to differentiate itself from the other mags. More in Midweek Madness. [Media Week]
  • Here are some photos of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his London concerts two days before he died. [TMZ]
  • In an interview, Marlon Jackson says his brother Michael wasn't in a wheelchair and was doing well when he saw him last month. Marlon adds that he hasn't been able to get in touch with his mom since Michael's death. "I've been trying to get a hold of my mom. I talked to Jackie. I talked to Tito. They feel the same way. A piece of our hear a piece of us went with him. It was a shock to them, too. I talked to my brother Jackie and he said, 'Marlon, is it true?' I said, 'I'm calling them right now to see if it's true.' That's when I called [Michael's manager] Frank Dileo and I couldn't get to my mom. I talked to him the first time and he was at the house and my mom was in the background crying, and she was just upset... It's like when anyone else loses their family member. It hurts. It hurts right now. It really hurts." [CNN]
  • Quincy Jones got emotional at a London nightclub when Will.i.am started playing a tribute to Michael Jackson. "He got very upset when Michael's music came on – at one point his head was in his hands," said a source at the club. "but [Jones] loved the fact that people were going crazy on the dancefloor. Quincy seemed genuinely touched." [People]
  • Jack Tweed says Michael Jackson called his late wife Jade Goody while she was dying of cancer. "He wanted to speak to Jade but Jade wasn't well enough to speak to him so I had to phone him," Tweed said. "It was very weird. He just went, 'Hello, Jack, this is Michael Jackson. Just giving his love for Jade really, and he wanted Jade to see him in his concerts in the O2." [The Sun]
  • Diane Keaton hit her head while filming Morning Glory in New York had to be removed by stretcher. A studio rep says she was, "taken to a hospital for precautionary tests and has been cleared to return to work tomorrow." Keaton was wearing a sumo wrestler costume for a scene in the film when she was injured. [TMZ]
  • The medical examiner who performed Billy Mays' autopsy says there was no connection between his death and the head injury he suffered during a rough plane landing. The autopsy showed "hypertensive and arteriosclerotic disease of the heart" — which means he probably died of a heart attack in his sleep. The official cause of death will be announced after test results come in. [TMZAP]
  • Here's an in-depth legal explanation of Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce papers. Basically, they followed standard procedure for a no-fault divorce. [People]
  • Tonight's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 will feature a retrospective of the Gosselin's 10 year marriage, then the show will go on hiatus until August 3. They have posted a statement on their website saying, "During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you." [People]
  • Among the shows picked up by VH1 are three new series starring Salt n Pepa's Sandra "Pepa" Denton, TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, and I Love NY participant Frank "the Entertainer" Moresco. New seasons of Celebrity Fit Club and Sober House With Dr. Drew were also picked up. [Variety]
  • Drea de Matteo of The Sopranos will join the cast of Desperate Housewives as the matriarch of a new Italian family on the show. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay have signed a deal to stay on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for the next two years. Also, Christine Lahti will guest star in the first four episodes next season and former regular Stephanie March will be back starting with episode five. [Variety]
  • Sean Connery is annoyed because 300 BBC employees were sent to cover the music festival in Glastonbury this weekend, but none were sent to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which he sponsors. Conncery said, "Not one (BBC technician) at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It affects us all, it certainly affects me, and I think we should do something about it." [The Daily Express]
  • Jordan says she isn't dating any of the men she's been seen out with since breaking up with Peter Andre. "Yes I've been seen with Anthony Lowther, and yes I've been seen with my ex Matt Peacock," she said. "There's nothing going on with either of them, it's just speculating like usual. What you have to remember is that Pete left me at the end of the day, but I don't want to go down that road." [The Sun]
  • French filmmaker Luc Besson's movie company €was fined $140,580 for the death of a cameraman who was hit by a car during a 1999 stunt shoot for Taxi 2. The head stunt director was given a six-month suspended prison sentence. [Yahoo]
  • Hayden Panettiere says, "My biggest crush was in the second grade on this kid named Mike. He was really good at kickball." Things didn't work out because Mike had a crush on her best friend and, "I was jealous, so I told her that he told me that he had a crush on both of us. So it made me feel a little bit better about the whole thing." [E!]
  • Gene Simmons says Adam Lambert, "killed his career because now the conversation is not about his talent but about his sexual preference. He's done. I hope I'm completely wrong. I hope he becomes the next Beatles and proves me wrong." [Fox 23]
  • New York Magazine asked Michael Urie of Ugly Betty if he thinks saying, "I'm Gay," would stop him from getting roles. He replied: "That's not really the point. By using publicity to say something like that, it could become a person's M.O, and I'm not interested in that. I really think this article should be about [his new play] The Temperamentals. I understand where you're coming from and why you think this is important and that this is a play about being true to yourself. But artists and activists are not quite the same thing, and I feel like support can come from lots of different ways... I don't think it's really newsworthy if the gay guy from Ugly Betty is gay or not." [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Emma Watson says she didn't know that she had a £10 million fortune until she turned 18 last year. "My dad never told me how much money I was earning," she said, "Then, when I hit 18, he was like, 'I want you to understand that your money isn't some kind of abstract concept. I want you to have a feel for what it's worth and what you can do with it." [The Mirror]
  • Abigail Breslin makes about $2 million per movie now, but she only saw a $1 pay raise. "I get $13 [a week] now, because I'm 13," she said. "My chores have gotten a little heavier. My brother used to always to feed the cat and now I feed the cat, which isn't a big deal, but it kind of is, because my cat eats tons. It's like an all-day long cycle." [People]



Abigail Breslin's childhood is sounding very familiar. I wonder if when she's mean to her sister she gets a 13 minute timeout on the basement steps.