Michael's Burial Place Unknown; Justin Timberlake Writing A Book

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  • Michael Jackson won't be buried at Forest Lawn cemetery, and police sources say his body isn't going to Neverland either. Every other L.A. area cemetery denies he's headed to their facility too.
  • There are rumors that the motorcade that's underway is a decoy. [TMZ]
  • L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asking Michael Jackson fans to contribute some money to cover the $4 million today's memorial service cost the city. [TMZ]
  • Diana Ross wasn't at Michael Jackson's memorial service today but she released this statement: "I am trying to find closure, I want you to know that even though I am not there at the Staples Center. I am there in my heart. I have decided to pause and be silent. This feels right for me. Michael was a personal love of mine, a treasured part of my world, part of the fabric of my life in a way that I can't seem to find words to express. Michael wanted me to be there for his children, and I will be there if they ever they need me. I hope, today brings closure for all those who loved him. Thank you Katherine and Joe for sharing your son with the world and with me. I send my love and condolences to the Jackson family." [TMZ]
  • Carrie Fisher, who was friends with Michael Jackson, wrote on her blog today, "I saw Michael multiple times with his children and thought that he was a very good father. Not only based on seeing him with his children, but also based on his children themselves. They are very well behaved, respectful children, who seemed content in Michael's company. I mean, I doubt if Michael cooked for them or parented them in ways that might be considered conventional, but you could see how much he loved them and how much they loved him. In a town where you more often see children of celebrities with their nannys and in the care of others, I never saw anything like that with Michael and his children... where you might expect to see children that were pampered and spoiled, his children showed none of this." Carrie Fisher Website]
  • ABC is running a never before seen 2003 interview with Debbie Rowe tonight in which she explains that she only had the kids for Michael. She says, "My kids don't call me Mom because I don't want them to." [ABC News]
  • On Michael Jackson's death certificate under cause of death it says "deferred." LaToya Jackson gave the information for the death certificate. For some reason TMZ is surprised that his race is listed as "black" and his occupation is "musician." [TMZ]
  • While on an aid mission to Haiti, Bill Clinton recalled when Michael Jackson agreed to perform at a 2002 Democratic Party fundraiser at New York's Apollo theater. "He basically helped save my party from terrible financial distress, so he was very kind to me personally," said Clinton. "He was an immensely gifted man and I think he basically meant well. I know about all the trouble he had in his life and I hope he will be remembered for his contribution as an artist. I hope his children turn out well. That would be the greatest tribute you could have." [AP]
  • Even though President Obama was in Russia, he couldn't escape questions about Michael Jackson. He said, "You know, this is part of American culture," said Obama. "Michael Jackson, like Elvis, like Sinatra, when somebody whose captivated the imagination of the country for that long passes away, people pay attention. And I assume at some point people will start focusing again on things like nuclear weapons." [Politico]
  • This past weekend Jimmy Fallon went to the White House to emcee a 4th of July USO concert. He was wearing a suit and tie, but Barack and Michelle Obama were dressed casually. The President said, "Didn't you get the memo? This is a Bar-B-Q." Michelle said, "Maybe loosen your tie. You look like you're hot," and Barack added, "maybe take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves or something." Then they laughed at him. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Justin Timberlake would like to write a memoir about playing golf and is looking for a publisher. [The Observer]
  • Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, will make her TV debut in a one-hour episode of the Nickelodeon's series True Jackson, VP on July 25. [UPI]
  • After a one-year hiatus Tom Hanks was elected to a new term on teh board of governors that oversees the Academy Awards. [Yahoo]
  • Carbonfootprint.com is criticizing U2 because they've estimated the carbon footprint for their 100-date 18-month tour will be 65,000 tons of CO2. [The Independent]
  • Baywatch is being made into a comedy film. It will be about two out-of-shape lifeguards trying to keep up with their fitter colleagues. Screenwriter Jeremy Garelick says, "It felt like the template to do a movie that was similar to Stripes and Police Academy, the comedies I loved growing up." [The Sun]
  • Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe, has been charged with growing marijuana plants. He'll appear before a London court on July 16. [The Mirror]
  • The producers of Lost are holding a contest, asking fans to compose a theme song for the show. [Yahoo]
  • Mia Farrow's brother, Patrick Farrow, shot himself recently in his home and Radar has published all the gruesome details from the police report here: [Radar Online]
  • According to a press release from Bravo, The Real Housewives of New York City has been picked up for a third season and the network is currently "casting for additional Housewives." Could that have something to do with the cast asking for more money?
  • "Every time I make a film, I feel like it's my first time ... I always think they could fire me... I've ruined my own happiness and created problems with my friends because of this tendency. It takes discipline for me to stop worrying." — Penelope Cruz [People]
  • "I do panic before I have to wear a really skimpy outfit, but I don't have enough willpower. I had to do a scene in a bra and shorts for the first time in two years. On the day of the shoot, I ate a pork burrito, chips and coke. Afterwards, I thought, 'I probably shouldn't have done that.' But whatever." — Blake Lively. [People]



In other news: Justin Timberlake wants to write a memoir about golf?! Sounds like the lamest thing ever.