Michael Lohan's Love Child Already Working The Press

Michael Lohan sure has a knack for joining forces with others who are also more than willing to put their children in the spotlight. Lohan's alleged love child Ashley and her mother Kristi Kaufman were interviewed on Entertainment Tonight yesterday, in which the two talked about how much Ashley looks like Lindsay — which she really doesn't — and how much she really wants to meet her half-siblings. The pair also said that it's time for Michael to own up to his responsibility and make good on the promises he's made to Ashley and her mother...like helping to make Ashley a star. (Seriously, these people said this.) What's super incriminating though, is all the jail mail that Michael sent to Ashley while he was locked up, signing each letter "Love, Daddy." Clip above.

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Uh, the close-up split screen of the girls' eyes reveals that they're not at all similar. Lindsay's are blue or green and the alleged little sister's are brown. Try as they might, the ET producers can't manufacture family resemblance.

And doesn't this sicko mother realize that momager Dina is the one who orchestrated the Lohan sisters' rise to "fame" and that Michael was busy drinking and landing himself in prison? Does Michael Lohan even have a job? What money does she think she can squeeze out of him when Lindsay is the only employed member of the family? And while I'm on a roll with the questions, shouldn't this bullshit merit a child protective services investigation? This is psychological abuse if ever I've seen it.