We never really hear about Michael Lohan Jr. After seeing him on Living Lohan last night, I'm thinking that's because he might just be the sanest, most grounded person in that family. He was the first to admit to the family having to deal with the fallout from his parents' bitter divorce and "Lindsay and all her crap," whereas Dina attributes the family's troubles to the tabloid media. It's kinda sad how Michael has taken on the responsibility of being the "man of the house" at the age of 20, and that Dina willingly allows him to accept that. I felt kinda bad for Michael's girlfriend when watching the episode, because the girl really wanted to go home and spend time with her own family, but her needs weren't as important as the Lohan clan's. Christ, could you imagine having to deal with them as in-laws? Even though they aren't really married? Clip above.