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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Michael Kors Is A Gossip Girl

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Between expanding his "empire," hosting Mad Men parties, judging Project Runway, and, presumably, tanning, Michael Kors is guesting on Gossip Girl. "I love the clothes, everyone is good-looking, the plot line is a riot," Kors says. "I love the show. They called and said, 'You are very Gossip Girl.' I thought, 'Finally, I am a teenager.'" Question: When does this guy have time to actually design? [WWD]
  • Perennial fashion critic Mr. Blackwell hospitalized! [AP]
  • Just try and get rid of Heatherette! Rumors to the contrary, the glitzy design duo ain't going anywhere. [The Cut]
  • NYC Boutique Opening Ceremony staying open for a marathon 72 hours. Cause that's what Olympic athletes would want them to do. [New York Times]
  • July was a rough one for retailers; even Wal-Mart tanked. [WWD]
  • Tyra/Michelle may have a lock on Bazaar, but Cindy McCain's got mag connections too, albeit crummy ones: "News of Tyra Banks' homage to Michelle Obama in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar broke Tuesday, but that didn't stop Cindy McCain from stopping by the Hearst Tower that afternoon to have lunch with Hearst Magazines president Cathie Black, Cosmopolitan's Kate White, Joanna Coles of Marie Claire and Rosemary Ellis of Good Housekeeping. During the lunch, McCain's daughter, Bridget, sent her mother a picture via BlackBerry of a new dress, seeking approval before leaving the house. The potential first lady approved." [WWD]
  • The battle 0f the vibrating mascaras! [New York Times]
  • The "work to flirt" dress: slutty for both day and evening! [Telegraph]
  • Tara Subkoff capitalizes on the perennial power of faux lesbianism to sell clothes. Also, looks silly in today's GBU. [The Cut]
  • The Nike equestrian boot is controversial. "One rider opined on a Web site that it looks like "the stripper boot of the horse world." U.S. Olympic rider Gina Miles wonders if wearing a swoosh might lead to lower scores in a sport that prides itself on centuries-old traditions. And Nike archrival Adidas, which is also creating new shoes for the Games, said no to riding boots. "We didn't feel we could come in with some meaningful innovation," says James Carnes, Adidas' creative director." [Business Week]
  • More immediate, community-fostering webzines giving fashion mags a run for their big money. [New York Times]
  • Behind-the-scenes vid of Nelly for Sean John undies. NSFW, obvs. [The Life Files]
  • So that's why he looks like a shorn lamb: Justin Timberlake cuts his own hair. "I don't require hair or nail appointments. I actually cut my own hair - that's why it's all the same length." [The Sun]
  • Nine companies fined for non-disclosure of "inappropriate drawstrings" on children's clothing. [CNN]
  • Is Wilhelmina modeling agency going public? [New YorkTimes]
  • New fashion director appointed to Out mag. Grant Woolhead "is joining Out, recently acquired by Regent Media, as it publishes its September fashion issue. The issue, due to hit Aug. 12, features Neil Patrick Harris on the cover and has188 ad pages, up from 172 last year, according to Aaron Hicklin, Out's editor in chief." [WWD]
  • Ancient lensman Bill Cunningham on summer scarves. [New York Times]
  • File under: we should all have such troubles. The agony of care labels on expensive clothes. [The Cut]
  • Teen retailers, including - if you can believe it - HotTopic - are feeling the pinch. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Somehow grossly-named luxury retailer Aquascutum expanding. Prices are very reasonable. "The Aquascutum London line will feature blouses, wool skirts, and silk graphic dresses with pricing around $780. The vintage collection will include designs inspired by Aquascutum's archives, such as a hot pink wool swing coat priced at $3,940." [Fabsugar]
  • Yuck. Thanks to the Olsen Twins (and yeah yeah I know they don't wanna be called that), "glossy leggings" are a must for fall. [ElleUK]
  • Paging summer '03! Band-Aids as "fashion accessories." [New York Times]
  • Protect your investment: "A perk that comes with the purchase of a pricey status handbag is that most makers will fix broken straps and zippers, missing rivets and torn linings — often free of charge, if the fixes are simple." [Wall Street Journal]
  • "Christian Francis Roth is back. A fashion darling of the early Nineties, Roth is trying to make his mark again with a contemporary spring collection called Francis by Christian Francis Roth, inspired by high school cliques." It's apparently the clique who wore really, really, really ugly clothes. [WWD]