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Michael Jackson's Death Now Influencing Iranian Protesters

Illustration for article titled Michael Jacksons Death Now Influencing Iranian Protesters

Is Michael Jackson bad for Iran? Is Minnesota Govenor Tim Pawlenty giving up on his bromance with Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? Did John Edwards really make a sex tape? The Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman helps answer these important questions.


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Little Green Frog

I went to read the NY Daily news article on John Edwards and I just HAD to share this gem of a comment from one of its readers:

"It's remarkable the lengths to which some men will go to mask their homosexuality. On the one hand, I have compassion for Edwards' broken double life; many men who are unwilling or unable to acknowledge their homosexuality often find themselves in some kind of mess. On the other hand, I have greater compassion for his family who were unknowing victims of Edwards' tortured soul. God be with them all and I hope that he, and his family, get some help."

That is a new one to me. Edwards is gay and he was using RH as a beard? Will that be mentioned in Young's book too?

At this point, Elizabeth Edwards needs to take her kids, and go to an island and off the grid. This can't be good for her health or her kids.