Michael Jackson’s Mom Reported Sort of, Not Really Missing by Concerned Nephew

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Matriarch of the Jackson family Katherine Jackson was reported missing late Saturday night by her concerned nephew, Trent Jackson, who filed the report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office in the midst of an acerbic dispute between the various Jackson scions over control of Katherine Jackson's financial and legal affairs. Jermaine Jackson countered the report, however, by tweeting that his mother wasn't so much "missing" as she was simply no longer in California — she'd flown from her home in Calabasas on July 15 to Albuquerque in order to attend a Jackson brothers concert. According to Jermaine, she's currently "resting up in AZ on the orders of a doctor."


Paris Jackson was more concerned about her grandmother's sudden relocation, tweeting early Sunday morning, "Yes, my grandmother is missing. I haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now." The flurry of speculation over Katherine Jackson's whereabouts comes after a letter from five of Katherine Jackson's children — Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine, Randy and Tito — charged that their mother was being "mistreated" by the executors of Michael Jackson's will, which allegedly left the siblings nothing. According to Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Sandy Ribera, Paris has been unable to reach her grandmother through aunts Rebbie and Janet, prompting worries that Katherine Jackson's salutary tour of the Southwest is being prolonged against her will. [CNN]

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  • Jeez, I really hate to do this (on a Sunday, no less), but it's best to get all the sad stuff out of the way — Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kyle Glover has died from injuries suffered from a jet ski accident earlier in July. [TMZ]
  • Okay, okay — now for tragi-comic news (baby steps): apparently there's such a thing as "anti fat cream" and The Situation was going to be the spokesperson for it (I mean, obviously). Now, however, the cream's maker, Performance Brands, is suing the Situation because instead of hawking their fat-blasting goo, he went to rehab without ever mentioning to them that he was trying to kick a prescription drug habit. The company wants the every cent of the $75,000 it already paid their erstwhile spokesman upfront. [TMZ]
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  • Lindsay Lohan suggested that she and Jennifer Lawrence star in an ultra-violent Thelma & Louise remake "Natural Born Killers (style wise) 2 girls-2 guys." The world is poised for Brad Pitt's feelings on the matter. [Twitter]



They really need to get Paris off of twitter. She's just a child and having such a passive grandmother seems to have allowed her to get a little ahead of herself. I understand that she is worried but just stay off of twitter with this. One day she isn't gonna want the press bothering her but it will be too late because they will say that she invited them in. She's already at a disadvantage because of her last name. The swipes that she is taking at some of her aunts and uncles are really disrespectful and she needs to learn her place. I am hoping that maybe Janet or Reebie or LaToya will talk to her since she seems to get along with them. Let her know that they are trying to look out for their mother and that she needs to tone it down.

I understand that Kyle was Ushers stepson but I wish that people would include his mother Tamika's name in the beginning of these articles as well. She must be in agony right now.