Michael Avenatti Says Stormy Daniels Still Owes Him Money

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Michael Avenatti, a sentient lawyer joke punchline who keeps threatening to run for president, says Stormy Daniels still owes him back pay from that hush money lawsuit.


Because every day of the news cycle is now roughly fifteen years long, you may have forgotten that in January 2018, Avenatti filed a lawsuit on behalf of Daniels to end an agreement in which she allegedly accepted $130,000 from now-imprisoned Trump attorney Michael Cohen in exchange for never mentioning the president’s weird dick.

In a new lawsuit filed in Ohio, Avenatti claims Daniels never paid legal fees or reimbursed him for the money he spent bailing her out of jail, according to The Daily Beast:

Avenatti’s court filing this week alleges the initial February 2018 retainer agreement he made with Daniels was for ‘$100 up-front payment,’ prompting his firm to spend ‘thousands of attorney and staff hours, and a significant out-of-pocket-expenses.’ During his retention, Avenatti said he bailed Daniels out of jail ‘following her arrest in Columbus Ohio in July 2018' after a strip-club brawl and led the ‘successful efforts’ to have the charges dropped.”

Avenatti says that, much like Susan Sarandon’s character in The Client, he never saw a dime beyond that initial good faith offering:

Despite the significance of his work, Ms. Daniels has yet to directly pay a single dollar to Mr. Avenatti or Avenatti & Associates, APC for their legal services beyond the $100.00 she initially paid back in 2018,’ the lien states. ‘Ms. Daniels is required to pay her lawyers.’

California prosecutors, however, claim that Avenatti stole $300,000 of Daniels’s money, along with that of other clients, and spent it on travel and takeout.

If you think of Avenetti, Cohen, Daniels and the ways each of them is reportedly linked to a story about our president’s supposed mushroom dick as less of a “darkest timeline scenario” and more of a “real-life Greek comedy revival” it becomes...still incredibly depressing.


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