Mia Farrow: A Crazier, Older, More Altruistic Angelina Jolie?

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  • Mia Farrow is offering to give up her own freedom for that of a Sudanese rebel under hospital arrest. Is she for real or is this just some empty offer to prove once that she's a better person than Angelina? Either way, she is equal parts insane and awesome. [Telegraph]
  • The NY Times says the Japanese have no love for women in the workforce, while last week, the Wall Street Journal claimed Japanese companies are all about wooing female executives. Clearly major news publications aren't above a little US Weekly/InTouch naysaying. [NYTimes, WSJ]
  • We long for the days when all it took to fit in at the country club was one trophy child. This competitive birthing nonsense really takes away from our Bliss schedule. [NPR]
  • Another thing making our cooter hurt? Natural birth! Luckily, for the cost of $700, women can have their very own Greek doula in the birthing room with them. Or your insurance can just pay for the epidural and you can lazily push your baby out while watching Oprah. Whatever. [CNN]
  • Apparently, judging by this article, Nicole Richie is more of a wannarexic than an actual Ana - since she's just fat enough to get her period and all. [Newsday]
  • Weddings are a happy occasion that even a band of Islamic militants can't ruin. [CS Monitor]
  • The only thing we knew about autism was that Scientologists don't believe the condition exists. This article in the NY Times Magazine opened our eyes, tugged at our heart strings, and made us hate those stupid Xenu freaks even more than we already do. [NY Times]
  • A bad ass waitress in New Hampshire calls out Mitt Romney on health care in front of diner filled with customers and it was all caught on video. We heart her and leave her a virtual big tip! [Washington Post]
  • A cervical cancer test you can do at home - great for the third world and for us, when our Cobra insurance runs out. [Reuters]
  • Despite having a one child law, the Chinese government doesn't want to beat people over the head with it with signs like "Raise fewer babies but more piggies." Cause coerced abortions are so much nicer. [MSNBC]
  • A disturbing percentage of women aren't getting regular pap smears. C'mon ladies, make friends with your gynecologist! She won't bite, just swab. [LA Times]
  • In our sixth grade sex ed class, we learned how to put a condom on a banana. It was so gross, we stayed a virgin until we were 20! On the flip side, abstinence education apparently doesn't do diddly to stop teenagers from bumping uglies, getting pregnant, and transmitting STDS. [News-Medical]
  • Brits aren't educating their teens either. Under-18 abortions are on the rise in the UK as well, including one girl who has had six. SIX! Seriously, Yasmin needs to sponsor her, NOW. [The Sun, Daily Mail]



We had abstinence only sex-ed at my high school. The absolutely awesome youth pastor at the church my mom goes to taught me and a handful of other kids all about condoms. We laughed when there was a mini-epidemic of Gonorrhea of the throat among our fundamentalist classmates.