Meryl Streep Nails Margaret Thatcher In Iron Lady Teaser Trailer

In this glimpse of The Iron Lady — directed by Phyllida Lloyd — we see two men attempting to coach the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep. While Streep is only on screen for mere seconds, it's obvious that once again, she's completely transformed and disappeared into her character. Even if you don't care for Thatcher's politics, it will be interesting to see her story — that of a woman becoming hugely successful in a male-dominated field — played out by such a talented actress.


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Meryl Streep once won an Oscar for her home videos.

As a child, Meryl Streep was told to act shocked when her surprise party was spoiled for her. She went into cardiac arrest.

Meryl Streep has never had a costar in any of her scenes. She just made us believe they were there.

Meryl Streep nailing a part is not news because Meryl Streep is the Chuck Norris of acting.