Mercy's Father Will No Longer Fight Madonna Over Adoption

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  • James Kambewa, the father of Mercy James, the Malawian girl who's being adopted by Madonna, says he will no longer fight the adoption: "My only plea to Madonna is that she should seriously look after the child," he says. [Reuters]
  • Kambewa originally opposed the adoption, but now says that he simply wants "Madonna to make sure that, while the child is growing, she must be informed of me as her biological father ... she really must know that while she is far away the father is still alive." [Reuters]
  • Jennifer Aniston made fun of herself at the Crystal and Lucy Awards (and surely set herself up for a million more unnecessary tabloid stories) by joking about how the titles of her movies often match up with her love life: "I have a strange parallel with movies I was doing and my life off screen. First, it was The Good Girl...which evolved into Rumor Has It, followed by Derailed. Then there was The Breakup, followed by the lighter side, Friends With Money. If anyone has a movie called Everlasting Love With an Adult Stable Man, that would be great! I'm at table six, and my agents are at table 12." [USWeekly]
  • Yikes: is G.I. Joe so bad that the director has been fired? [ONTD]
  • Tallulah Belle Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has started working as an intern at Harper's Bazaar.[FashionWeekDaily]
  • An estimated 400 people showed up to David Carradine's funeral to bid the actor farewell, including Tom Selleck, Lucy Liu, and Jane Seymour.[People]
  • Susan Boyle is set to sing a duet with her idol, Elaine Paige. "Susan and Elaine are set to record Memory together as a duet single," says a source, "From what I gather, Elaine's people were in the audience at the Birmingham show and loved what they saw. They were apparently straight on the phone to Elaine after Susan's performance and she was delighted at the thought of their performing together." [DailyExpress]
  • Aubrey O'Day is being defended by the co-founders of NOH8, who say that the singer did not act like a diva while on the set for their latest ad campaign, despite reports to the contrary. [USWeekly]
  • Sienna Miller claims that Jude Law doesn't like it when she talks about him: "It's dangerous to bring this up," she says, "I talked about him in an interview not long ago, saying that I still love him, and he was like, ‘Please stop talking about it.'"[ShowbizSpy]
  • The Red Shoes has been fully restored, much to the delight of Martin Scorsese: "It expresses so much about the burning need for art, and I identified with that feeling the first time I saw the picture with my father, he says, "I was so young then. It put me in contact with something in myself, a driving emotion I saw in the characters up there on the screen and in the colour, the rhythm, the sense of beauty."[DailyExpress]
  • Lily Allen is "vulnerable after her relationships failed," says a source, "She is especially concerned about going on her tour without a boyfriend there for her backstage. She needs a man to take care of her, and to give her attention. Without that, she fears she'll go off the rails." [ShowbizSpy]
  • Prince Harry's girlfriend, Caroline Flack, apparently has a history of all-night benders, dates with Russell Brand, hot-tub adventures with Jack Osbourne, and flings with Noel Fielding. I think we are supposed to be scandalized by this, but I keep picturing the Queen's face while reading this stuff and I can't stop laughing. [NewsoftheWorld]
  • Blind Item:This A list actress who used to be the highest paid actress in Hollywood donated her entire paycheck from a recent movie to four different charities. It was the largest donation any of the four charities had ever received.[BlindGossip]
  • "I think everybody's a fan of Pink. Her voice is the best of our generation. Her lyrics are so vulnerable. She's so open about her whole life. People love that."-Kelly Clarkson on Pink[NYTimes]
  • "I doubt it very much. Unless he's interested in guesting with one of the bands I'm in. I don't think that's going to happen really for some reason."- Johnny Marr on being on stage with Morrissey.[BBC]
  • Simon Cowell "emerged from Stringfellows (a lapdancing club) smeared in bright red lippy" during a night out with Ryan Seacrest. This is pretty much the stuff that Joel McHale's dreams and nightmares are made of, no? [Mirror]


Erin Gloria Ryan

The other day, I was thinking of the artist Pink and how you never hear anyone saying, "Oh, I love Pink. Pink is my favorite artist."

Once again, I have been proven wrong by Kelly Clarkson.