Since we're currently working on the hypothesis that we are cycle-syncing over the Internet, illustrator I Heart Guts' menstrual flow-chart is both handy and topical. Legends like "Day 13: HORMONE PARTY!" and "LUTEAL LUNACY!" make bleeding

I Heart Guts explains herself thusly:

The guts grew from a single drawing of a broken heart, after a string of bad hookups, dead-end relationships and lame-o boyfriends. At the time, I was also doing a lot of drinking, so a sad liver and bummed-out lung followed.


Sounds like our kind of lady. I'm raising my it's-after-noon cup o' Blog Juice to you, whoever you are!

Meanwhile, I think I have an EGG PREPARING TO ESCAPE, so, let me get right on that.

I Heart Guts [Official Site]

Via: The Good Ol' Menstrual Cycle [Street Anatomy]