Let's just say you're a heterosexual single woman, looking for a guy. Newsflash! It's tough out there. And the idiotic advice certain news outlets are pushing doesn't help. Take this "Six Women You Need To Meet" piece in Men's Heath. The premise is that guys get stuck dating the same kind of woman over and over and need to "mix up the playlist." Not a bad idea, but the categories of women are so stereotypic and generalized, it's ridiculous. Apparently, chicks fall into six types: The Urban Sophisticate ("uninhibited and nicely groomed"); The Arty Hipster ("The good news: She's dirty. The bad news: Her bed's not that clean. Tell her if she changes the sheets before you come over, you'll take her to see Blonde Redhead โ€” in Japan"); The Vegan Yoga Gal ("great skin and a long neck"); The Alpha Female ("efficient and skilled"); The Intimacy Junkie (The sex is amazing... She'll do anything, including some things that scare you... Tell her you'll do it if she gets waxed.") and The Happy Homemaker ("accommodating and eager at first, less so with each offspring"). Wow, not demeaning at all! So which one are you?

Once you decide, check out MSNBC, where Brian Alexander has written a confusing piece about sexual compatibility: Find a perfect match with DNA! Couples who are similar are happier! Except when it comes to religion and politics: Similar attitudes in those areas are not good predictors of relationship happiness! (Alexander mentions the time-tested couple Mary Matalin and James Carville). One thing is for sure: Neither Men's Health nor MSNBC know the secret to finding true love. But they want you to think they do, because people are desperate for love advice. Don't we all just live, love and learn? Isn't everyone on his or her own path? Isn't love a mystery which refuses to be solved? Or is it possible to learn how to find The One?
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