Mena Suvari Files For Divorce After 18 Months Of Marriage

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Mena Suvari has filed from divorce from her husband of 18 months, concert producer Simone Sestito, citing "irreconcilable differences". Court documents also state that the pair actually separated on November 1, 2011, technically making the marriage even shorter.


I always kind of wonder what happens when you get married and it lasts a year or less than a year before you realize it's so horrible you have to break up immediately. In this case, I guess we'll never know. Unless there's a tell-all book. Then we'd probably know.

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A friend of mine had an 18 month marriage. Five months after the wedding, he discovered that his wife was cheating on her with her partner in the police, a relationship that preexisted the marriage. They went to marriage counseling for a few months, and then, eleven months into the marriage, he caught her cheating again and asked for a divorce.

He really really loved this woman. We can only guess that she felt pressured to go through with the wedding by the amount of money they spent on it. It was a lovely and expensive wedding, and I had a great time at it, but I would have preferred if this woman had told my friend before the wedding what was going on. She'd have broken his heart, but it would have been easier in the long run.