Men, Women, And Cuckold Fetishists: Male Prostitutes Speak Out

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Apropos of HBO's Hung, The Daily Beast's Tracy Quan spoke with several male prostitutes about their experiences. Among the revelations: a male hooker can make money having sex with women, but he may have to resort to some unpleasant gimmicks.


Quan, an ex-call girl herself, gets her interviewees to dish not just on the quirks of sex work (for instance, some female virgins pay a professional for their first time), but also on gender and race. One male former prostitute, Andrew Rosetta, said his job "would have been a part-time pursuit if I only saw women." Interestingly, he found that when he told his girlfriends about his job, they were more uncomfortable with him servicing women than men. One girlfriend forbade him from seeing female clients at all. With the clients themselves, though, the situation was reversed — the women Rosetta saw professionally didn't want to know that he also slept with men.

Damien Decker, an escort working in New York, takes a different approach. He has sex with female escorts while his male clients watch. "Everybody thinks what I do is so cool," he says, "but there's a racist aspect." Decker is a European black man who usually pretends to be African-American on the job, and his partners are white women who pretend to be a client's wife or girlfriend. Thus, the clients are paying for the fantasy of being cuckolded by a black man. Since these clients never touch Decker, his business model bears out the notion that sex is as much mental and physical — but that doesn't make his job any less disturbing.

The Sex Lives Of Male Hookers [Daily Beast]



I'm a firm believer that unless you're into beastiality, pedophilia, or fecalphilia...your closed-door lifestyle is fine with me.

Also, the whole prostitution thing sounds so much worse than it's charging people to do something that you usually do for free. It's so odd to me.

And I think male prostitution for straight women is a great idea. Heidi Fleiss was trying to make it happen...I wonder why it didn't...I think there was red-tape or something. Anyways, most women want to get laid, but they don't want to meet some stranger in a bar because it's scary and dangerous. Men don't really have this problem since they're rarely kidnapped, raped, and killed by women they meet in bars and go home, it's actually quite safe if done properly in a brothel setting ala "The Bunny Ranch."