A Dell Australia executive says women are too modest about their achievements in the workplace, noting: "people whose confidence exceeds their ability are more likely to be men and those whose capabilities exceed their confidence are more likely to be female."

Joe Kremer, the Dell executive, shared a story that feels very, very familiar. Kremer advertised a job that listed six key criteria.

Several male employees who could meet two or three criteria lobbied for the role. Each had a plan for how they would skill up to meet the rest.

"The person who should have got the job was female but she didn't apply. I approached her and she said, 'but of the six things I need, I only have five of them nailed'."

Mr Kremer persisted and the woman applied and landed the role.

As a result of Kremer's observations, he pushed for a women's mentorship program at Dell, to make sure women were not being left behind. However, he notes that only half the battle will be recognizing women's talent.

The harder fight is getting women to take credit for their own accomplishments.

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