Men Pissed Off By Woman's "How To Be A Jerk" Column

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This woman's piece on "How to be a Jerk" is ridiculous, and kind of depressing. But the comments that follow are the interesting part.


Writes "Anonymous,"

It's sad but true: I like jerks. My dating history is a long list of selfish, mean-spirited guys. Guys who stood me up. Guys who cheated. Guys who ignored me. Guys who just disappeared. I admit it's self-destructive, and I know I've got issues to sort out. But it's my twisted reality – and it's the reality of many other women who you might like to date (at least for a night).

She then proceeds to give men who seek to achieve this dubious distinction a list of directives worthy of a Pick-Up Artist, such as,

Wait a few days to call us after our first date. Doubts will fester. We'll wonder what we did wrong. And we'll secretly be thrilled when you finally call.


Mock us, gently. Sarcastic, funny and slightly demeaning comments will work wonders for you.


She might as well add, a top hat, a pair of goggles and a radar for emotionally fragile women.

But rather than rejoicing in the wisdom they've just received , the site's readers are...put off. "LOL! … thanks for the tips, I won`t get girls like you =)" says one NiceGuy201. And, adds another reader,

I am considered by my close friends many of which are ladies to be a nice guy, and I do not like Jerks and will never become one just for the sake of connecting with a "good Looking" woman if they want a jerk they are welcome to them but as far as I am concerned no woman is worth my becoming something that I'm not just to interest them, they are just not worth it., if because of that I am doomed to be single the rest of my life so be it.


Says a third, "Instead of an article telling guys how to be jerks, why don't you just tell girls like you how to sort out the issues you admit having?"

And besides everything else, this really is Jerk101. Truth is, most dicks will have intuited it in kindergarten, with the unsatisfying personal life to show it. DailyXY, please get other women to present a more reasonable perspective — clearly, your readers can handle it.


How To Be A Jerk [DailyXY]


Sarcastic, funny and slightly demeaning comments will make my date wish he'd never met me. I cannot abide by such horrible jerks who feel the need to put me down in order to feel in control of the whole interaction.