Men Need To Stop Pulling "Bobby Browns" On Women's Careers

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Over on the gossip blog "A Socialite's Life," editors are asking if Paris Hilton is "pulling a Yoko" with her new relationship to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden. First off, mentioning Benji Madden and John Lennon in the same sentence is borderline blasphemous. But even more gratingly, for years "Yoko" has been a shorthand for a "controlling" girlfriend or wife whose association with a rock star broke up a band and ruined everything. Not only is the maligning of Yoko is sexist, since it's not really her fault that the Beatles dissolved, it needs to be said that women aren't the only significant others who muck up creative production. Which is why I think there needs to be a male "Yoko" equivalent. I nominate "Bobby Brown" as in, "Bill Clinton really needs to back off on Hillary's campaign trail or he's going to be a total Bobby Brown."


Whitney Houston was an apple-cheeked, church-going baby diva before hooking up with Bobby B, which turned her into a profusely-sweating, cocaine-snorting, reality television brawl having mess. Other famous examples of Bobby Browns include Amy Winehouse's drug-addled fool of a husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, Roseanne's moron of an ex, Tom Arnold, and of course, Kevin Federline. Can you think of other Bobby B.'s littering the pages of history?

Is Paris Hilton Pulling A Yoko? [A Socialite's Life]


MehBlahPfft Seriously. Breaking up Good Charlotte would be the only charity work that Hilton girl could ever be capable of.

@hatepaperdoll: Your avatar is Joan of Arc from MTV's greatest forgotten show. Rock. On. Woman.

@DEARBLONDDIARY: It's the single-guy/married-guy syndrome. When the other boys just haven't grown up, and now the married guy doesn't want to go drinking until 5 am on a work night and it's because "His wife is a bitch and he's pussy whipped."

@brassinpocket: I agree re Yoko's art. Her stuff in the Whitney is atrocious. Then again, MOST modern art nowadays is so political ANYWAY (all about whom you know rather than your actual ideas) that it doesn't have to be good or even particularly artistic.