Men Must Discuss the Bust

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Welcome back to Guysourcing, where a panel of helpful gentlemen answer your questions! This week, we asked, "When it comes to breasts, does size matter? Are there other boob characteristics that really do it for you? Basically, what are your breast preferences?" Here's how guys responded:


Motorboat fan

I think breasts are very important to a woman's physical attractiveness. While I occasionally find small-breasted or flat-chested women attractive, that is rare. I think breasts make a woman more feminine, and so the larger the better, within reason. I like soft breasts that can be used as pillows, I like seeing breasts hang when I'm having sex, brushing up against my face and my chest, or even when a woman is just sitting naked on a couch. I like the way breasts look in bras, out of bras, in bathing suits, in dresses, in tight shirts and sweaters. I even like occasionally being smothered by breasts. Sometimes smaller breasts that are very perky can be nice, but generally I'm looking for a C-cup or larger. It's also fun to grab and squeeze breasts too, to lick the nipples, or even stick your head between them and motorboat just for fun.

I also tend to be attracted to heavier rather than thinner women. I like big bellies and asses and thighs and legs and arms. I like physically strong but still feminine women, and breasts are a big part of that. I would MUCH rather be with a woman who is "overweight" but curvy and with large breasts than one who is very skinny but has small or no breasts, even if the thinner woman has a conventionally prettier face.


My main breast preferences can be summed up in one word: real. I have had some limited contact with the artificially-enhanced sort, and they're universally disappointing. They just move, and feel, and...yeah, no. Maybe in a professional (read: stripper) setting, they can be fun, or perhaps a one-night stand, but I could never face my friends or family with a girl and say, "Hi, meet Jane! She paid a plastic surgeon to dial up her cup size in an attempt to resolve a swirling maelstrom of self-esteem, self-worth, body-image and daddy issues! I think she's a keeper!" I don't care how good they look in a bikini, for me that's one step above trying to motorboat a department-store mannequin.

"Window dressing"

My preference happens to be perky, mediumish sized, small areola'd boobs. It doesn't mean that if you have large boobs that droop a bit, I will lose interest as soon as your shirt comes off. It just means that if I could choose which boobs to look at, that's the type I would choose. And really, that's kind of how I view boobs; something nice to look at (in an appropriate situation) and fun to play with (within reason), but ultimately just window dressing to something much more important.


An open mind

Unless a woman's breasts are like obscene, reality show, gigantic, then size is not really a factor. My preference is actually along the lines of medium (I have no idea what cup sizes are), which tend to be perkier in my experience. But I'd like to think I'm pretty open minded when it comes to breasts. I'm very progressive in that way.


No rings, no toxic sludge

As with the topic of pubic hair preferences, I'm pretty thrilled to have a naked woman anywhere near me, so unless her breasts have been replaced with toxic sludge, this is the best day ever, and what's under her clothes is of no concern as long as there are lady parts. I've seen all kinds of breasts, and all are great. Sideways, banana-shaped boobs, boobs that are far apart, barely any boob, nipples in every color of the rainbow - whatever. I've never been into nipple rings, though.


Context is everything

Depends on in what context, I suppose. For immature ogling, sure, size matters. But for the rest of the world, I don't think they matter much. I mean, boob-size doesn't dictate personality or overall attractiveness, for the most part. (And it matters a lot less if you have the kind of mind that realizes, "Hey, I may really, really like boobs because they were my feeding station in my early years.")

All that said, my "breast preferences" are some size and firmness. Numbers and letters don't matter as much as culture (and bra shopping) dictates they should in anything but a decorative sense. God that sounds like something an immature ogler would say.


Boobs Radley

I'm a breast guy, and I know it's ridiculous because, what, are smaller breasts less fertile, less sexy or something? But I just like them. For example, I have a minor crush on BoobsRadley because (I think) she's hilarious and because, well, BoobsRadley. I probably prefer reasonable and proportional breasts, say between C and DD cups, because comically large or extremely saggy ones kind of make me uncomfortable. I don't need to suffocate in them or anything crazy like that, but I guess I just like seeing (and/or fondling) something substantial.


"Yes boobs"

Boobs matter, but size doesn't matter. I sure like boobs. I've had friends who liked big boobs, full stop. It didn't matter if they weren't attracted to the rest of the woman's features; that was immaterial. Big boobs. Not so with me; I don't know what to say to explain what I like? I don't know, but I will say: yes. Yes boobs.


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Lots of stuff here, but I gotta say, teh menz don't know cup sizes.

I have had guys tell me, "You're not that big" when I was a DD. And similarly, both when I was barely a 32 A and while a 34DD, I had a guy say "you must be a perfect C cup". Sorry, but no. Guys don't know. Hell, women don't know! People have said, "Well your boobs aren't that big!"

Sorry, they be to differ!