Men Make Women Do The Darndest Things

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  • We still don't understand why, in love triangles involving two women and one man, the women usually hate one another but the man gets off scot-free. Anyway, it turns out that astronaut Lisa Nowak ended up driving hundreds of miles and pepper-spraying her love rival because she just wanted to talk to her. [CNN]
  • If this doesn't mark the beginning of the end of L.A. nightlife, we don't know what is: Bob Saget was the biggest star at the Olsens twin home-away-from home nightclub Hyde last night. [TMZ]
  • The English. Are. READING. Books! Whoah. [BBC]
  • Beyonce: possibly drunk, caught in the act. [24/Sizzler]
  • Antidepressants are the most prescribed drugs in America. [CNN]
  • Bush claims executive privilege to prevent having to testify before federal prosecutors. We assume, unlike Cheney, he actually didn't really know whether he was a member of the executive branch and had to ask someone first. [CNN]
  • This is what we get for not having studied Hemingway past our sophomore year of high school: Hemingway's cats have 6 toes? How did we not know this? [CNN]
  • Unwanted pregnancy seems to be the least of Iraqis' worries about pulling out. [NYT]
  • Memo to kids who move back in with the 'rents post-college: Things might get awkward when you have crazy loud wall-banging sex in your (childhood) room. [ABC News]
  • 9 U.S. casualties identified since Friday. [DoD]

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Antidepressants the most prescribed drugs in America? Oh, has the Center for the Completely Obvious released a new study?