Men In Tights Are Wholly Unnecessary

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When ElleGirl drew our attention to the horrible men's pantyhose movement, and specifically the crusading website e-MANcipate!, we hoped - nay, prayed - that the pro-hose site was an elaborate, not funny hoax. Well, having visited said website, all we can say is that if it's a joke it's the most labor-intensive, earnest joke in the history of not-funny jokes including the entire Carrot Top oeuvre. e-MANcipate!, you see, "is a project to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item....As it's a relatively new thing, some might feel uncomfortable or confused with the situation - that his legs are covered by pantyhose." Yeah, we do.


Also, we don't understand why anyone would wear hose voluntarily when we've only recently liberated ourselves from them. Maybe if you work on the Beltway (we understand hose are still de rigeur in the capital)? While we're happy to let frumpiness be equal-opportunity, men need to understand that this is a major step back for leg-kind. Color us aboLEGionists. Or something. Men In Tights [ElleGirl]

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The hot, sweaty nuts issue is a turn off, as are those thick itchy-looking pantyhose on the model. Yuck-o. Stockings are a-ok though. And leggings or footless tights...that's not unlike running pants or long johns on a guy. And while they don't drive me wild with desire, for kicking around the house in appropriate weather, I can't deny the comfy factor.